Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Desk Chair

It's hard to feel inspired staring at a bank of elevators in an office building. Granted, of all the jobs I've had in my life, temporary receptionist is probably the least soul-crushing. It's nothing like the neon hellscape of a Kohl's dressing room or the chaos and mass hysteria of a Panera at lunch time. (Chips, Apple, or Baguette?) Still, it inspires its own particular brand of agitated ennui, best fought by coffee, Gchat, and giving your co-workers secret nicknames. My friends affectionately refer to my adventures as #templife, which is a lot like Thug Life, but with more Post-Its. (Unless Tupac wrote his raps on Post-Its, which is certainly a possibility.) 

Still, even with Internet wanderings and crossword puzzles and (occasionally) actual work, I wind up with a lot of time on my hands- time I'd like to use in a way that at least feels productive. So, allow me to introduce a new temporary series I'm going to call The Desk Chair. For every weekday spent in the office, a new post- and you suggest the subject matter. 

We're free-wheelin' here. No boundaries. (Well, some boundaries. I'm at work.) What would you like to know more about? Ending sentences with prepositions? Sure, I'll Google that for you. And then I'll synthesize whatever information I find into a few manageable chunks of text for you to skim while you wait for the bus. The modern age.

So get crackin! What should I write about tomorrow?

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Jessi said...

you're effing hilarious. post something, anything remotely related to food (like what everyone in your office is eating!) in the hilarious way that you do... then of course I'll repost on my page as well ;)

if you really wanna do some research... maybe include some other stats on what office/working crowds eat for lunch! Maybe only entertaining to me... but hey- you offered!