Friday, November 9, 2012

The Desk Chair: My Favorite Crop

One of Sally's suggestions at the beginning of this project was to write about my "favorite crop." Since one of my more recent posts was a rambling piece of idiocy about corn, I thought another post about anything agricultural was best avoided for the time being. But, I'm running out of suggestions (pump it up, guys) and it seemed like a good, weird choice for a Friday afternoon when I'm running on fumes.

So, without further ado, here is my favorite crop:

Just kidding. See what I did there? It's a haircut. A cropped haircut. 

But anyway, the answer to this question is that I don't have a favorite crop. Does anyone? Yes. Sally's favorite crop, as I correctly guessed, is soy. I'm not sure why. Maybe she should write a guest segment outlining her reasons. I assume it's not because it wreaks havoc with our hormones. 

Where to begin? This subject could take us in a number of directions. The world's oldest crops. The world's weirdest crops. Crop circles. Cropped photos. The impending food shortage. Crops and robbers. Crop tarts. Crop goes the weasel. Frankly, I don't know. I think I'll go the cop out (crop out) route and make a list. 

Crop Facts

  • China is the world's largest wheat producer. 
  • 95% of the flaxseed grown in the United States is grown in North Dakota
  • Sorry Sally, but Iowa grows the most soybeans with 15% of the nation's harvest
  • Iowa also wins at corn
  • Unsurprisingly, 32% (the majority) of Italy's sunflower seeds come from Toscana. Piemonte, on the other hand, is only at 1%. Step up your game, Piemonte!
  • In Germany, Brandenburg wins for Rye production. And concertos. 
  • Cropped pants are almost universally unflattering. But we all wear them anyway. 

Have a nice weekend and please take a moment to congratulate me, silently or aloud, for "writing" every day this week. 

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