Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Desk Chair: Rain Storms

I'm going to phone this one in. Hard. I don't have yesterday's manic "tea" energy. Maybe because it's a Tuesday and Tuesdays are the worst. Or maybe because it's a holiday week and my thoughts are going something like, "Stuffing. Stuffing. Stuffing. My nose itches. Stuffing. I'm kind of thirsty. Stuffing. I wonder if Richard Branson is genuinely happy? ...Stuffing." But I will soldier on in the name of dumb personal challenges! 

My friend Elise (not to be confused with Elyse, who is also a beautiful brunette from New York) recently offered "rain storms" as a possible topic. I know it's mainly a reference to a semi-inappropriate inside joke we have, but I think I'll just pretend it was suggested out of innocent meteorological curiosity and proceed. 

Obviously, storms are on our collective mind right now. I love storms. I always have. But these days, every new storm seems to be a little less fun and a little more scary. When I take off my Glib Hat (Gibb Hat?) and put on my Fundamentally Concerned About World Issues Hat, I find the lack of dialogue on climate change nothing short of shocking. 

But I have degrees in music. And I'm phoning it in today. So here's an article by someone else: 

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