Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eureka Springs Teaser

I would say I feel like a cliché sitting here in this coffee shop with my cappuccino and my MacBook but for one important fact: I'm in Arkansas.

I think Eureka Springs, AR might be the strangest place in America. And yes, the abbreviation is "AR" and not "AK." "AK" is Alaska's. I was surprised too. The "k" in Arkansas somehow seems more important than the "k" in Alaska. Maybe this would be a good moment to try and work in "What did Delaware? Idaho, Alaska." I'll resist the temptation.

Anyway, you'll have to check back in late July for the sure-to-be-legendary-in-its-own-time post about Eureka Springs. It's part perfectly preserved Victorian spa town, part modern-day Christian pilgrimage destination, and part biker haven. A huge statue of Christ looks over a town that once very seriously tried to legalize marijuana. It's fascinating and beautiful and totally WEIRD. Get excited.