Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Desk Chair: Eye of Sauron

Turns out it's hard to write a new post every day. It requires a pretty monumental effort. This is probably an important lesson for me given that I still harbor pipe dreams of travel writing (as if that career still exists) and journalism (also on the wane). Granted, part of the problem today is that I'm very tired from staying up late eating popcorn and watching election coverage. Though I hesitate to take a strong political stance on so public a forum, I do have one important point to share. When it comes to the manual popping of corn, I have emerged from this election firmly pro-vegetable oil. At first, I came under a lot of pressure from the powerful olive oil lobby which, until my friend Seth went to the store, had a complete monopoly over the apartment's oil supply. But, in the end, vegetable oil's superior ability to pop a vast majority of its kernel allotment in a timely fashion won the day. 

Anyway, I've managed to do a lot of things today that weren't writing a hilarious and informative post about Hugo Chavez or climate change (neither of which are very hilarious), and I'd like to share that list with you now:

  • Watched YouTube videos of singers... without audio
  • Played the Harry Potter Top 200 Sporcle game
  • Got a new high score in Temple Run
  • Compiled a list of an acquaintance's most offensive facebook statuses and emailed it to a friend
  • Researched the calorie content of my lunch
  • Prepared three cups of tea
  • Chatted with a coworker about the guy who eats all the food (and subsequently realized more of my walnuts were missing)
  • Looked through a photo gallery of celebrities voting
  • Signed up for a Birchbox account
  • Got up to look at the snow
  • Changed my profile picture
Pretty grim. Hopefully tomorrow I can muster the energy to be substantive. 
In other news. There's a new dinosaur. His name is Sauron. 


SoundsLikeCanada said...

Sauron. Well...damn.

I'd be curious to know how you like Birchbox. Maybe you could write something here after you've tried it a bit?

Seth B said...

Think for a second about the fact that this newly discovered aspect of the biologic history of earth has been named after an invention of human fictional pop culture. Wild. What does that say about everything we know (or think we know) about everything, ever.