Friday, January 10, 2014

The Desk Chair II: The New York Chair: Park Avenue

Welp, I didn't manage a single post in 2013. Which is especially hilarious because I seem to remember a New Year's Resolution that was something along the lines of "write a little every day." Ha! Best laid plans of mice and... dumb ladies.

You'd think a lot would have changed since November, 2012. I'm afraid I must report, as I tilt my head quizzically and look skyward, a lot has happened, but very little has changed. Hmm. If this were a blog about feelings, that might give me pause. (And then I'd be all, "How am I going to accomplish anything with these paws?!?") But this isn't a blog about feelings, thank goodness. I hesitate to even say "blog," really. "Blogs" are for sad people. But I need a forum to express myself. My genius needs an outlet. My words must be given life- sweet, digital life!

Just kidding. I think I speak for every loser who occasionally writes something on the Internet when I say I do it because I'm probably a little too self-involved and like feeling cool and smart in the eyes of the four or five people who read it. (There might be a sixth person, but that person probably thinks I'm an idiot.) So here we are.

I suppose one thing has changed since last I wrote. Geography. It has to be said: temping in New York is a lot more fun than temping in Boston. I feel this way for several reasons, all of which would make me sound like an unsophisticated rube if I were to elaborate. That being said, allow me to elaborate on what might be the most rube-ish of them all: my obsession with New York City food delivery.

You guys. The food world is your oyster. You dream it, they make it, a dude gets on a bike* and brings it to your face. This morning I felt like a latte and a hearty oatmeal (well, I felt like a girl who wanted a latte and a hearty oatmeal) and 20 minutes later it was in front of me. And we're not talking Quaker. Real oatmeal with fresh blueberries, almonds, honey, and a splash of whole milk. Could I have made it myself? Sure. But I hadn't. So $8.00 (with the latte, including tip, no delivery fee) felt like a perfectly reasonable price to pay to get my day started right. And did I ever!

Okay, I know you can get food delivered in any city. I can practically hear my Boston friends saying, "We have Seamless, too! We can order from places! You think you're better than me??" But the selection, you guys. The selection! Not only that, but a lot of these offices let you order whatever you want through their corporate account. A free lunch. The menu? All of New York.

*There is a downside. There can be no light without the dark. It's this: I'm pretty sure one of these bike delivery guys is going to kill me. Midtown Manhattan swarms with them at lunch time. And they are NOT to be trifled with. It seems inevitable that one will strike me. The food will go flying from his insulated pack. It will be tragic and beautiful and happen in slow motion. Does that happen in Premium Rush? I never saw it. Pretty sure it's not about Joseph Gordon- Levitt delivering food, though.

And just like that, it's 4:30 and I need to wrap things up. Guess this won't be one of those posts with "content." Look for that in 2015.


SoundsLikeCanada said...

Which number am I among your readers? Not #6, of course.

I hope this is the first post among many in your triumphant return to blogging!

Julia Snowden said...

True story: The first draft of this post included a joke about how you, Abby Shupe, were this blog's only fan. But then I thought, "What if she doesn't read this one? Then I'd feel weird." Man, now I really regret taking away the shout-out you should have received.

SoundsLikeCanada said...

Ha! That's supremely poetic. I'll be president of the fan club, that's fine with me.